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To celebrate Nightingale and plan for Nursing Week a group of nurses and leaders (including our Nightingale 2020 Team) meet 2-3 times a year by zoom. 2 nurses are from Ohio, 1 from California and 1 from Maryland and then a few (7) from within Ontario. We have been calling ourselves North American Nightingale Society. We hope to continue to meet and information share and be proactive though the Nightingale Bicentennial has passed.  

Tues Sept. 29, 2020 4 pm Meeting  

Tues Feb. 22, 2021 2 pm Meeting

Tues May 11, 2021 2 pm Meeting

Tues Sept. 1, 2021 3 pm Meeting – a very interactive and vibrant meeting!

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Successful rallies occurring in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener drawing attention to the restrictive Bill 124. Lobbying groups including the RNAO ,ONA and Nursewithsign attended. The push is on to have the bill repealed this month. Nurses work too hard to be restricted to 1% and by this losing the right to bargain. Rallies and demonstrations are expected to continue.

Nov. 30, 3pm – North American Nightingale Society Meeting


Florence Nighingale 2020 @ Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) Biennial with Anne Clark and Cathryn Hoy:

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