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Past Events

Just a Brief Update on Our Meeting last Sept. 29, 4pm… 

– Rose chaired and Candy provided the zoom  with appreciation. At that time we could still gather and Bruce, Rose and I did so do at Lynn’s place

– A  picture was taken of us with the wine from  Megalomaniac  Winery a big fund raiser for frontline workers and zoomed off 

– Bruce shared thoughts on his successful luncheon Sept 12  with the retirees from Quo Vadis Alumni Nursing though numbers somewhat limited

– Lynn was invited to speak on Nightingale  and did so with great enthusiasm

– Lynn also gave a report on the Nightingale Society activities 

– Candy updated us on her engagements reenacting Nightingale

– Anne commented on the success of our Nightingale 2020 web with great traffic on it -will be looked at for viability post Dec this year

– Lynn emphasized the need to organize annual lectures at the universities -to be organized with letters sent out to universities in the Toronto Area

– Janet commented that the reporting process for incidents at work with reporting anonymously was not the success it started out to be and had some challenges

– Some reflection on past Nursing Week activities last May  and the celebration of Nightingale’s Bicentenary though limited due to Covid -19

– Donna and Janet had great success -party hats and all (yes on zoom)

– Next meeting will be scheduled with a Feb date in 2021-date to be worked with


Upcoming Events

Nursing Week May 10-16, 2021 with Nightingale’s Birthday May 12

WHO have designated the theme as Nurses: A Voice To Lead”, with the sub theme of A Vision For Future Health Care” and ONA’s as Still Standing, Still Fighting, Still ?”

Activities with the restrictions are being been planned with bookmarks and poster cards printed.

Please contribute to the web with an article or just your thoughts


Florence Nighingale 2020 @ Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) Biennial with Anne Clark and Cathryn Hoy:

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