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If ever there was a time to challenge protocols and practices with the employer it is now. ONA has been successful in April of this year with the supreme court challenge on what defines appropriate PPE and infection control standards. It is a point of care risk assessment that determines which PPE is required not management. Work with your H&S committee and speak up.

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A Difficult Situation

How does a professional nurse work as an intermediary between management and frontline unionized workers to promote change?

I am an RN Manager in LTC, initially casual RN (ONA rep) upon hire I got a part time position, then a full time position as nurse manager in the evenings. I left my unionized position and was informed by my management that they will be there to support me with this transition. Any change is difficult but I really struggled and was met with such resistance. Frontline workers did resist but with time and patience they slowly responded and engaged with me. I found in the process I had to change myself and ease off a bit. I took courses in leadership. My disappointment was and is with management, who lacked compassion and communication skills to assist. One director of nursing told me if this is the right job for me.

I wait till my days in the nursing home are over and I retire in 6 months – such a low feeling but can say that I made a dent with the workers and that will always be special to me.

Regards Sobhana RN in LTC, Sept. 2020

Nursing: The Backbone of Healthcare in Congo by Ann Hagenson RN and group-Paul Partnership

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They are passionate, dedicated, and sacrifice much to serve their communities. The nurses of the northwest region of DRC formed a Christian Nurses Association in 2014 with the fortitude, determination, and service of their community in mind just as Florence Nightingale did in her war-torn years. They meet quarterly to discuss nursing issues, successes, support one another, and decide on where their small amount of dues and donation money may go. Usually it is donated to help families pay for treatment while in the hospital. It is a bittersweet meeting as there is always more need than they can meet. Their hearts are full of compassion and they work tirelessly as advocates.

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